Mountain Guiding is a many faceted profession with mountains to guide all over the world.
Below are the prices for Table Mountain tours. Other adventures like climb's in du Toit's Kloof,
Paarl, mt Kenya, the Alps, Film and the Movies, etc... are Typically charged at a daily rate plus expenses.


Half Day :- 1 person, R 2 000.00
Half Day :- 2 people, R 2 250.00

Full Day :- 1 person, R 2 850.00
Full Day :- 2 people, R 3 150.00

All Prices include:-
- Return Transport (within Cape Town City),
- Mountaineering and Safety Equipment ( ropes, cams, helmuts, etc... )
- the Guide "Me"
- Photo's of the day (Check out the Gallery)

Not included:-
-Personal Equipment, (harness and rock climbing shoes)
Which we rent @ R150 a day.
-Cableway fee's for Table Mountain, if we decide to utilise it.
currently R160.00 return.

A 25% deposit is needed to reserve a specific days,

Weather and Cancellations.
The weather in Cape Town varies according to the time of year,
Typically in the summer months, it is Hot and Clear.
There is a dominant South East wind that can be quite forcefull and create the "Table Cloth"
In the winter months the weather can change rapidly, from sun to wind and rain.

If the weather is not Ideal for our days objective, some alternative options are :
A) Climb at a more hospitable venue
B) Climb at a weather friendly sport Area
C) Have an educational day at the local climbing wall
D) Re-schedule for a mutually agreeable date
E) Cancel the day and I retain the deposit.